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【Tian Jin Yiyun】【www.44zz8.com】Dedicated to research & development on innovative product, stong ability of production and sales. We true believe only superior and perfect quality can create the safe load working place.

Tianjin Yiyun rigging co.,ltd mainly product is lifting point, please click product show to find more. Directly contact our sales for quotation.

  • Application notice of swivel hoi

    Application notice of swivel hoi
    吊點使用注意事項: 1、吊裝時,禁止任何人在吊重下停留。 2、只允許吊裝比吊環承載能力小或者相同的重物。...

  • Maintenance of lifting points

    Maintenance of lifting points
    吊點維護注意事項: 1、建立吊環檢測記錄表,記錄吊點特性及鑒別細節。 2、一年至少檢測一次,如果吊點使用...

  • Defect of GB825 eyebolt

    Defect of GB825 eyebolt

  • installation notice of swivel ho

    installation notice of swivel ho
    吊點注意事項: 1、操作、安裝、拆除人員必須經過專業授權。 2、禁止使用破舊、彎曲或損壞的吊環吊點。 3、...

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